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Car Door Locks & Sets

Door Locks & Sets

Valeo’s Car Lock Offer:

The car door lock can be mechanically operated with a key to switch from a locked to an unlocked position and vice-versa. 

Valeo offers a variety of original equipment-quality door locks and sets, including:

  • Car door locks
  • Car lock sets + SCL
  • Car lock pick sets


Different Lock Types:


  • Standard lock: The most common, most economical, but least secure as it can be forced open with a false key or tool
  • Disengageable type door latch: Introducing a false key or tool triggers a "loose" rotation of the rotor, which rotates in a vacuum

Valeo provides a barrel & key with random mechanical coding. The driver can still use their existing remote control with the new lock.


Choose Valeo locks for original-equipment quality:

Reliable: A mechanical locking system designed to resist intrusion attempts

Durable: Premium materials like zamac prevent mechanical wear. This economical and ecological material is lightweight yet tough