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Valeo Tech@ssist - Technical Information at your Fingertips

Valeo’s Tech@ssist is an online assistance platform for automotive service and repair professionals, providing fast and easy access to technical information.
Tech@ssist - Valeo’s online service for repair professionals

A quick and intuitive search engine for easy identification of replacement parts


When doing repairs, time is always of the essence. Valeo Tech@ssist is a tool that makes it easier to return customer vehicles quickly and affordably. It will help you quickly locate the Valeo part number you need to find the proper replacement and if you need more specific information, you’ll also have access to cross-reference search with the OE number or competitors reference. With Tech@ssist, you will easily find all the relevant details for over 45,000 product references, including 14 product lines for passenger cars and 11 product lines for commercial vehicles.


Free access to Valeo’s comprehensive technical documentation library


Before installing an unfamiliar part, you may wish to check how to fit it properly. For each product reference, Valeo offers fast, easy, no-cost and registration-free access to all associated technical documentation, including: fitting instructions, technical bulletins, safety data sheets, product photos, videos, and tutorials. The Tech@ssist library gives professionals guaranteed access to more than 5,000 always up-to-date documents and assets, available 24/7 via smartphone, tablet or personal computer.


An online training platform: hundreds of training modules are only a few clicks away


 As the associated technologies continue to change and grow, automotive maintenance and repair become more complex. To stay up to date, professionals need ongoing training, but training takes time, which, when working, can be hard to spare. This is why Valeo offers free access to its online training modules, which are available as live sessions, or on replay.


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