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Valeo hosts the 2022 Seminar of Mobilians SMAVA bureau

Valeo hosts the 2022 Seminar of Mobilians SMAVA bureau
The third seminar of SMAVA bureau members took place on 9th and 10th June 2022 at Valeo’s brand new research center in Créteil, France.

On the agenda, an overlook on the future of mobility and automotive aftermarket


Members of the SMAVA Bureau of MOBILIANS (the employers' organization founded to defend the interests of companies in the French automotive distribution and services sector) were welcomed by Valeo Service President Éric Schuler and Vice-President Marlène Carrias-Iked for a lively event filled with detailed presentations and involved exchanges.


The major discussion points covered during the seminar concerned the future of the automotive aftermarket, with a strong focus on Valeo’s strategy for electrification. One of Valeo’s major goals, moving forwards, is to continue leading the industry in the wider efforts being made to decarbonise transport.


Electrification, a strategic pillar for Valeo


This was evident on day one of the seminar, which saw detailed presentations given on the outlook of the aftermarket; the increasing sales of electrified personal vehicles (from mild-hybrid to full electric) and the impact this will have on aftersales; and lastly, the internal architecture of an electric vehicle, along with the subsequent operations carried out on these vehicles. With more electrified vehicles on the road, there should be fewer workshop entries. Servicing them, however, will be more costly as the technology becomes increasingly more complex.


On day two, an analysis was given by a representative of international law firm Bird & Bird on “Security Gateways and Competition Law” followed by three more Valeo-led presentations on the 48V electrification kits for forms of mobility other than passenger cars, solutions for electric bicycles, and charging stations.


Innovation, a key for the future of mobility


As Eric Girard, President of the multi-brand aftermarket service SMAVA, said:


“We are very grateful to Valeo for welcoming us to this remarkable site and presenting their innovations to us. I am convinced that we will continue our exchanges and certainly enrich our collaboration in order to face, together, the technological changes that are coming.”


Éric Schuler, President of Valeo Service (the aftermarket division of Valeo) concluded:


“Faced with major and complex (industry) developments, we need to work together to develop offers and services that workshops and drivers expect. Given the novelty, complexity, and multiple impacts of these developments, synergy and collaborative work are essential. Valeo will always be there to support aftersales players, so that we are able to collectively find the best solutions.”