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Valeo Wins Best Marketing at the Doyen 2023 Convention

From left to right Virginie Launay Marketing & Communication Manager BeLux - Doyen Group, Miguel Coppieters Key Account Manager - Valeo Service, Jean-Philippe Garnier International Key Account Manager - Valeo Service, Frederic Decroix Group Marketing Director - Doyen Group.
Valeo was extremely proud to receive the award for Best Marketing at the Doyen 2023 International Convention, which took place in Sardinia, Italy, from September 28th to October 1st.


One of Seven… out of 51!


Doyen’s first convention since 2019, brought together 1500 guests from the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, and France.

Over 100 distributors, from the API Benelux & France and Autodistribution Benelux networks, were represented. And more than 350 garages were present, 70% from Benelux and 30% from France and other networks - 1,2,3 AutoService, AD, API Drive - as well as independent garages. 

Valeo was 1 of 51 suppliers to attend the convention, 7 of whom were awarded. Valeo was extremely proud to be one of the few suppliers honoured at the 2023 awards ceremony.


A Collaborative Approach


When presenting the Valeo team with the Best Marketing award, representatives of Doyen mentioned,

“The marketing prize rewards an equipment manufacturer who, through its proactivity, sense of innovation and collaboration with the Doyen teams, has enabled the development of its brand and products.”

Particular praise was given to the clutch training programs performed by Valeo’s Techcare teams, the factory visits organized by Valeo’s European marketing team, and Valeo’s Loyalty Program.


Valeo’s Loyalty Program


The combined actions of Doyen dedicated training sessions  along with plant visits and intranet access to technical documents have helped Valeo to increase brand awareness and bring in new members to its Valeo Loyalty Program.

At the Doyen Convention Expo, the Valeo booth presented Canopy – Valeo’s recently launched sustainable wiper blade for the Aftermarket – and a wide range of clutch technologies.

Valeo’s strong presence at the expo enabled them to arrive at 200 loyalty program subscriptions from Doyen garages in 2023.


Best Marketing


Doyen’s award for Best Marketing acknowledges that any distributors promoting Valeo products can be confident that Valeo makes every effort to contribute in the joint Valeo-Doyen marketing program to increase brand and product awareness as widely as possible.

Valeo looks forward to attending the next Doyen convention in 4 years time.