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Parking assistance kit

Valeo Parking assistance kit Driving and parking assistance for LCV

The beep&park™ range:

  • Parking made easy. beep&park™ range is the right answer for you. Its six parking assistance kits, featuring front & rear sensors, will alert you to any obstacles.
  • beep&park®/keeper™ is a parking assistance system that protects the front and rear of your vehicle from clumsy parking manoeuvres by other motorists.
  • beep&park/vision™ is our ultimate parking assistance system benefiting from recent innovation. Your vehicle combines a rear camera with reversing radars that send audible and visual signals while parking.
  • park/vision™ is our ultimate park assist system of rear camera, benefiting from the latest innovations.




The screen installed into your cabin displays images of your vehicle immediate surroundings. Manoeuvres When parking, the sensors detect obstacles at the front and rear of the vehicle and guide the driver by indicating their distance, even if they are not visible. The system uses sound signals and visual alerts. Parking You can then leave your parked vehicle secure knowing the system also warns and deters other drivers whose vehicles come too close to your car. Sound signals and visual alerts prompt them to be keep their distance from your car. The deterrent effect is produced by giving the impression that the owner of the parked vehicle is nearby and has opened the vehicle remotely.


Choose Valeo

  • New rear camera New high resolution TFT LCD screen (=1.5 lx) New wide angle camera (H100° x V85°) for a broader vision of the surroundings at the rear of the vehicle
  • New reverse radars New electronic control unit for optimal detection even in heavy rain New sensor design for improved evacuation of water droplets
  • Optimal performance


New reverse sensors: designed for improved evacuation of water droplets New electronic control unit compatible with all vehicles

  • Optimal fitting New rings to correct angles of the sensors (6° , 10°, 13°) and the camera ( 3°,-1° ,-5°, -9°, -13°) allow the same drill hole diameter to be used in the various configurations Clearer and more detailed installation instructions
  • Optimal compatibility The range is compatible with a pulsed reverse signal. It applies to vehicles in which the reverse light does not have a DC supply voltage (12 VDC) but a modulated, pulsed supply voltage (12 V~). Compatibility with towing system. Certifications: E-mark, CE & Rohs


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