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Ventilation blowers

Valeo Ventilation blowers Air Conditioning for LCV

The air in the cabin is propelled by a motor driven fan, more commonly known as a blower. The blower module is located inside the HVAC.

It consists of:

  • A fan
  • A drive motor
  • A power control device


The blower is designed on the basis of:

  • The thermal power to be drawn from the heat exchangers in order to achieve the right flow rate
  • The heat loss in the circuit, in order to set the pressure.


The blower ensures efficient air flow in the cabin. It is a key component for passenger comfort and safety by demisting the windscreen for example. The blower must be replaced after a crash. Most vehicles are equipped with a blower, including non air conditioned vehicles One out of every two vehicles produced in Europe is equipped with a Valeo blower