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Cabin air filters

Valeo Cabin air filters Air Conditioning for LCV

The cabin air filter Valeo ClimFilter™ Comfort, Protect and Supreme prevents external pollutants from entering the cabin via the ventilation system and inlets.


ClimFilter™ Comfort, a particle filter which protects occupants from dust, pollution and particles. It’s the first technology developed for cabin filtration. This filter is in white.

ClimFilter™ Protect is a combined filter with active carbon that retains particles and provides protection against harmful gases and unpleasant odours. Valeo recommends ClimFilter™ Protect for heavy traffic areas. With O.E presence Valeo provides the ultrafine filtration upgrade based on combined technology.

These filters are grey in colour to represent carbon. Valeo uses the best-performing active carbon in its filters to ensure the high quality level of this product.
Based on combined technology with active carbon and by integrating the polyphenol coating this Valeo's cabin air filter provides the most complete solution and protection against particles, gases, pollution, odours and as well as protection against entering the pollen allergen into the cabin by their immediate neutralization at the filter level.

There are 2 sides colours of this filter: the first external side with polyphenol coating is brown and the internal side is grey.




ClimFilter™  Supreme efficiency against the strongest European allergens has been proven at the high level of 92%.
Polyphenols are natural compounds which are widely present in plants and are well-known for their beneficial health impact.
As inhalation issues and respiratory allergies are a growing concern, Valeo has developed a revolutionary technology that not only catches and neutralizes pollen from outside the vehicle, but also neutralizes the effect of allergen inside the car.
Until now, no passanger compartment cabin air filter in Europe was able to limit car occupants exposure to allergen particles.


Nowadays more than 2.1 billion people in the world and 213 million in Europe (up to 30% of the European population) suffers from inhalation allergy issues. These figures have doubled in the past ten years. The symptoms of inhalation allergies (sneezing, itching, watery eyes, runny noses, difficulty in respiration, but also tiredness, irritability and headache) are not only a source of discomfort but they may also affect considerably driyer's concentration.
As pollution and continuous exposure to allergens may also provoke an allergy at any age, it is important to diminish this risk.


It' s also the question of safety. And yet, the probability of allergy suffers being involved in traffic accident is 30% higher. The symptoms of allergy can also signification impair driver concentration. For example, when sneezing at 80km/h driving speed a driver will cover a 25 meters distance with eyes closed.


The new ClimFilter™  Supreme is a Valeo patented innovation commercialized first time on the European market in 2013. During the Moscow International Motor Show (MIMS) held 26-29 2013, in Russia, Valeo received the award in category "Innovative Development of the Year" for its cabin air filter neutralizing allergens.
In 2005, in Japan Valeo also become the first automotive supplier to launch a range of cabin air filters neutralizing the allergens, specially designed for Japanese allergens.


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