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Cabin Filters

Cabin air filters are key to keeping the air you breathe in your vehicle free from irritating particles and pollutants.

What Are Cabin Air Filters?

Discover the Importance of Properly Maintaining Cabin Filters

Valeo Cabin Filters - A Product Focus and Technology Review

Invisible particles like pollen and pollutants are floating in the air, ready to be inhaled and provoke allergies. That’s why many vehicles are now equipped with air filters to remove these irritants from the air. In this 20-minute free webinar, you will learn why these filters are necessary, the best practices for installation, and the differences between different grades of filter.

Why We Need Cabin Air Filters

Cabin air filters have become essential for improving the comfort and health of people suffering from allergies. Plants are emitting pollen for longer periods each year due to global warming. During cold months when pollen isn’t a threat, pollution is the highest. This increase in pollen and pollution contributes to the rising number of people suffering from allergies and respiratory illnesses like asthma. This situation means the need to filter natural allergens like pollen and mould or pollutants and airborne chemicals in the air is greater than ever. When equipped with a high-quality cabin filter, car heating and AC systems can prevent occupants from aggravating allergies and related symptoms like headaches, fatigue, and more.

Best Practice for Care and Installation

Whether you drive often or only occasionally, you will eventually need to replace your vehicles cabin filter. Even if they look clean, they can gather dust and particles that reduce their effectiveness over time. So how often should you replace your cabin filter to preserve its effectiveness, and how can you tell if it’s dirty? In our webinar, you’ll learn how incorrectly installing a filter can reduce effectiveness. You’ll also discover what you should know before installation to allow filters to last longer and work more effectively.

Which Cabin Air Filters Are Better

Some pollutants are so small that they can pass through basic filters and enter the vehicle cabin. Preventing this requires a higher level of filtration. There is a significant performance gap between the four levels of cabin filters, ranging from basic filters to combined air filters with multiple layers which trap even the smallest allergen particles. So, which cabin air filters have additional layers providing anti-allergen properties to neutralise pollen? We’ll explain the difference between these products and the added value of higher-performing products for customers suffering from allergies adn who want to breathe cleaner air.

Valeo’s Air Filter Offerings

Discover Valeo’s unique offering, which filters pollen grains, pollen allergens, dust particles, harmful gases & odours, and very fine particles. Valeo offers different levels of filtration in its product range, including Valeo ClimFilter™ Comfort, Protect and Supreme. Valeo ClimFilter™ Supreme has 92% efficiency against the strongest European allergens.

What You Will Learn in Our Webinar

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • What E10 is actually made of 
  • How to find out if your car is E10 compatible
  • What to do if your car isn’t compatible with E10

You’ll also learn how E10 can corrode non-compatible vehicle engines and how to handle misfueling a non-compatible car with E10.

Afterwards, you will find downloadable materials about the new fuel called E10, including Frequently Asked Questions and a list of compatible manufacturers. There is also a link to the government website to search if your specific model of vehicle is compatible with E10.


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