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Clutch kit

Valeo Clutch kit Transmission Systems for Bus

We offer a complete range (Cover assy, Driven plates, Release bearings) for commercial vehicles: medium trucks, heavy trucks up to 44 tons, and coaches. To ensure that we meet truck fleet requirements, we only offer premium clutches for the CV market.


More powerful engines, longer ratios and new lifetime specifications have led to the development and introduction of more complex clutch designs such as Valeo S.A.T. (Self Adjusting Technology). The S.A.T. is a Valeo revolutionary technology that uses a self-adjusting facing wear compensation device on the pressure plate, enhancing clutch life and improving pedal comfort. Valeo supplies S.A.T. to truck manufacturers.


Focus Twin disc

Valeo also offer a complete range of twin disc kits for bus and coach. With an increased wear capacity of 70% versus single disc technology, our twin disc kits provide higher durability. The 2 discs ensure a higher heat transfer.


Focus Reman range

Valeo remanufactures the CV clutch kit, especially the large diameter (over 330mm). The remanufacturing process is integrated into our facility which assembles the OE clutch kits. Having implemented an efficient collection process all over Europe, Valeo obtains cores from all its customers and helps save up to 50 kilos of raw material per kit (up to 90 kilos for twin disc kits). This remanufacturing process marks a great contribution by Valeo to sustainable development.


After collection, all the cores are sorted, dismantled and cleaned, and the components are submitted to tests on benches before reassembly in the production line. The test benches and the production are the same ones Valeo uses for the validation of the production of the clutch kits supplied as OE.