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Valeo Tech@ssist - Technical Information at your Fingertips

Get the most out of Tech@ssist in this quick overview

How to use Valeo Tech@ssist

Discover the Best Tips and Tricks to Find Parts, Information, and Webinars OnTech@ssist

Looking for information about parts, technical service bulletins, or online training? It’s all accessible for free on the Valeoservice.co.uk website. In this 6-minute free webinar, you will learn how to navigate the Tech@ssist area of the Valeo Service website and get the most out of our free online resources.

Search for Parts

Valeo Tech@ssist is a tool that makes it easier to return customer vehicles quickly and affordably. After you identify what needs repair or replacement, discover how to use the Valeo part finder to search for vehicle-specific parts information. Tech@ssist will help you quickly locate the Valeo part number you need to find the proper replacement. If you need more specific information, you’ll also learn how to cross-reference search with the OE number or competitors reference.  

Find Information

Before installing an unfamiliar part, you may wish to check how to fit it properly. This webinar will tell you how to access fitting information in Tech@ssist. Still, Tech@ssist is about more than just parts. You can also find and download safety data sheets, technical service bulletins, and more. You’ll also learn about our free technical hotline, which is happy to answer any of your questions or help you when needed.  

Valeo Webinars

Sometimes documents alone aren’t enough to give you a complete understanding of a topic. Tech@ssist also offers free webinars on dozens of different topics. Whether you need help fitting a part, learning about a specific product range, or want to discover more about the future of the automotive industry, we have a Webinar for your needs. They range from quick installation guides to longer detailed explainer videos. 

What You Will Learn in Our Webinar

In this webinar, you will learn:
The different sections of the Tech@ssist Valeo Service website

  • The different sections of the Tech@ssist Valeo Service website
  • How to use the Valeo part finder to quickly locate the right part
  • How to find documents and information on the website
  • How to stay up to date with future technical publications and communications


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