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Premium-quality braking pad range

Valeo PremiumPACK™, with Valeo’s best friction material and NRS™ technology for uncompromising performance and durability.

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Valeo PremiumPACK™

Valeo PremiumPACK™

Valeo PremiumPACK™ features NRS™ technology which:

  • ensures a longer life cycle of the pad
  • avoids any risk of delamination

This range includes Valeo’s ultimate copper-free friction material to deliver truly outstanding products:

  • Comfort: noiseless while operating,
  • Performance: Valeo’s very best braking power,
  • Durability: Valeo’s most long-lasting brake pads.

The flying view of Valeo PremiumPACK™ on TecDoc provides:

  • the composition of each product in a single glance
  • guaranteed savings in terms of time and efficiency


Steel back plate

  • Identification and traceability
  • Durability with anti corrosion black coating

Premium Quality friction material

  • Pre-mixed formula
  • Copper free
  • Surpass quality standards

NRS Retention System

  • Mechanical attachment system with hooks
  • No determination, no crack

Heat insulation underlay

  • High thermal efficiency
  • Heat dissipation

Debris clearance groove

  • Braking dusts evacuation
  • Noise free braking function
  • Flexibility of the pad

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Valeo PremiumPACK™

Added Value

  • As a key part of Valeo’s braking ranges for commercial vehicles, Valeo PremiumPACK™ offers the very best that Valeo’s expertise and quality.


  • With 12 new references, Valeo’s premium brake pads range has recently been expanded to reach a total of 61 references.


  • Valeo’s brake pads are delivered in premium, five-layer cardboard to ensure safe transportation and handling. We are the only premium brand on the market to offer pads which are sealed in thermo-shaped plastic, ensuring  excellent storage conditions, preventing damage and, above all, providing safe working conditions for warehouse workers and mechanics.


Top References

541679KNORR SB7
541625Nissan NT500
541703Volvo FL FH FM
541634Scania 4 Series
541628KNORR SB7 SN7 ProTechs
541694SAF SK
541736Ford Transit
541683Renault Master