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Valeo’s Window Lift Range: Opening up the Market

Window lift range: Opening up the market
Over the past few years, Valeo has been expanding its window lift portfolio to address key market needs.

Window Lifts for Everyone

In 2023, Valeo launched 183 new references, while in Spring 2024, a further 184 references – covering key European vehicles – were realeased.


Valeo’s Easy-to-Fit Technology

Valeo’s full window lift range includes more than 1900 references and covers over 230 million vehicles worldwide. With tailored fitting instructions for each reference, Valeo’s window lifts are an easy-to-fit, hassle-free experience.


High-Quality Valeo Products

Over time, window lifts can wear out, causing the window to move slowly, make unusual noises, or fail to operate altogether. When this happens, the window lift may need to be repaired or replaced to restore proper functionality to the vehicle's windows.


Built to resolve such aftermarket problems, Valeo’s window lift technology is a high quality solution that complies with all of Valeo’s standards requirements.


Valeo’s Comprehensive Range

Select the best option from our range, to provide your customers with the most suitable technology for their needs, keeping the roads they travel along visible and safe.