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Valeo Cyclee™ at Eurobike 2024

Valeo Cyclee™ at Eurobike 2024
Valeo presented Valeo Cyclee™, its offer for ebikes, at Eurobike 2024, in Frankfurt, Germany, from 3rd to 7th July. It showcased the latest evolution of the 48V mid-drive unit which is now even quieter, and also a new Human Machine Interface (HMI).

An even more silent mid-drive unit

Valeo Cyclee™ 48V mid-drive unit is adaptive and understands what the rider wants. With a 7 speed gear automatic transmission and responding with a 130Nm torque - the highest level available on the market - it boosts all the rides, even the hardest ones.


Valeo Cyclee™ mid-drive unit is now more silent than ever with a noise level of the complete electric propulsion solution reduced of around -7dB. To reach this new level of NVH (noise, vibration & harshness) efficiency, the new version of the Valeo Cyclee™ mid-drive unit presents a new gear geometry, and additional ribs on the cover to smooth the vibrations and additional bridges on stator stacks. With this evolution, Valeo Cyclee™ mid drive unit offers the same noise level as other less powerful solutions.


A new Human-Machine Interface solution

To give its users the best experience, Valeo keeps on improving its solutions. Valeo Cyclee™ introduces a stylish Human-Machine Interface (HMI) solution made of a smart dock, a 2” touch display and a remote with a rotative throttle. The new HMI seamlessly transitions from city to mountain, thanks to multiple assembly positions and a removable display. Valeo smart dock Phone-as-a-Key system also automatically locks the eBike when the rider steps 3 meters away. Although an anti-theft system already existed on the motor gearbox, this new device enhances user safety with a secure, easy-to-use locking system tailored to the needs of e-bike users. This technology brings an answer to the rise of thefts due to the growing value of ebikes. 


Aiming to reduce its ecological footprint, this new HMI has been designed for easy assembly and disassembly, and the materials used include up to 30% recycled plastics. 


Beyond the design and the selection of more sustainable material, Valeo’s HMI uses Velco Suite, a software suite developed to meet the connectivity and adaptability needs of cyclists, as well as those of bike sales and repair networks. 


This software provides connected services through 3 distinct applications:

  • Assembly Assist module: This WEB application is intended for bike makers and dedicated to the pairing and integration tests of drive unit, battery, connected HMI on bikes at the end of the assembly line. It is also used to report diagnostic information for e-Bikes. 
  • Diagnostic Service module: this web application is intended for bikes shops & dealers to diagnose & calibrate the ebike, update electric kit firmware components and provide drive unit & components providers hotline support towards bike shops. 
  • Rider module: Velco Rider is a white label mobile application for the riders to offer the best riding experience thanks to valuable services. The mobile app can be customized into the ebike's brands.


The complete solution is multi-engine and is aimed at all ebikes brands wanting to offer a digital experience to their customers. 


The Valeo Cyclee™ offer includes two HMI versions: an entry pack with the smart dock and remote, and a premium pack by adding the 2” touch display. 


Valeo involved in the circular economy of ebikes

In addition to its original equipment activities, Valeo is also involved in the circular economy of ebikes. Valeo and Smovengo, the operator of Vélib' Métropole, the self-service bicycle hire scheme run by the City of Paris and 64 of its communes, have joined forces to recondition the motors and batteries of the 8,000 electric Velibs that ply the streets of Greater/Grand Paris. 


Two Valeo sites specialized in reconditioning were selected for the partnership with Smovengo: the “Circular Electronics Laboratory” in Nevers for the batteries, and the “Circular Innovation Factory” in Czechowice (Poland) for the motors.


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