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Valeo Launches Its Range of Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensors

Valeo’s New Range of Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensors
Valeo, as a one-stop-shop supplier, commits to diversifying its extensive product portfolio by presenting a large range of new EGT sensors for the aftermarket.


International Specialist

In compliance with Valeo's industrial standards, this new sensor range is made up of nearly 120 references, and covers all of the major car manufacturers on the European market.

A One-Stop-Shop

With over forty years’ experience in the field, Valeo reinforces itself as a sensor specialist in the aftermarket, by offering 11 families of sensors that add up to more than 1,000 references.

Already a renowned one-stop shop for this category of product, Valeo aims to help distributors and their networks enhance and strengthen their own portfolios. In doing so, Valeo affirms its commitment to the aftermarket, as well as extending its product portfolio to meet the demands of the day.

Customer Service

Valuing each and every customer, Valeo is also committed to delivering the most suitable support possible for its customer base:

  • Improved visibility and readability on Tecdoc®
  • Technical Hotline and Connected Assistance to get quick and professional answers about crosses, applications requirements, and fitting issues
  • Technical training with our longstanding automotive professionals, who know all of the ins and outs of the aftermarket. Learn more on valeoservice.com