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Valeo released a new product dedicated to vehicles that are not equipped with a blind spot detection system. Thanks to the new Valeo Safe Side kit, you can upgrade your car easily and professionally by adding a system that increases safety and comfort when driving.

How does it work?

The Valeo Safe Side blind spot detection system allows you to drive safely and feel comfortable every day. Thanks to RADAR sensors, the system detects vehicles in the blind spot and warns the driver with visual and audible signals.

How does it work

When another vehicle overtakes the driver, the system warns the driver with a yellow light.

If the driver uses its turn signal and there is a vehicle in the blind spot, the system will alert the driver with a red light and an audible signal.

Night mode is activated as soon as the headlights are on, to warn at night.

Have you ever had a car accident? Were you hesitant when you changed the lane? Do you have trouble assessing the distance of the headlights from the mirrors at night? You can benefit from Valeo Safe Side. This system helps you drive more safely and more comfortably.


What is in the box and how do you set the components?

The Valeo Safe Side system consists of the following elements:

  • Two 79GHz RADAR sensors
    Two 79GHz RADAR sensors
    The detection distance can go up to 5m and operates at temperatures between -40°C and +85°C.
  • Two interior displays
    Two interior displays
    The displays are set inside the car. Due to its discreet design, it fits every car interior.
  • ECU
    The set includes all the necessary cables, as well as mounting and calibration accessories.



You can offer your customers an attractive product!

A professional should install the Valeo Safe Side set, which is a good opportunity for independent services to expand their offering.


Thanks to the Valeo Safe Side kit, you will be able to offer customers an additional service for assembling an attractive and modern system, known mainly for newer and more expensive cars.