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Headlight beam setters

Valeo Headlight beam setters Lighting Systems for LCV

The Régloscope™ uses the latest technologies to support mechanics’ tasks and make the beam aiming control and correction as easy and quick as possible.
The Régloscope™ – either mounted on wheels or on rails – can be aligned with the vehicle plan thanks to a positioning laser to ensure that they are both parallel. The photodiodes around the case detect light intensity and help to centre the on the main beam through positioning indications delivered on an LCD screen. Positioning the Régloscope™ is easy and quick as a balance weight system allows to move the case up and down without any effort and risk.
The internal panel is equipped with multiple photodiodes sensitive to light intensity. This patented technology allows to measure beam’s inclination, lateral moving (azimuth) and light intensity with an accuracy of 0,2% in accordance with regulations. You don’t have to bend on the case anymore to approximately control the cut-off and can simply adjust the headlamp through indications on-screen. Moreover, the photodiodes detect the undesired luminous points above the horizontal cut-off produced by a faulty headlight or bulb.

Two different modes for full services
The Adjustment mode helps correcting the beam aiming by displaying the different measures of the beam in real time on the LCD screen (beam’s inclination, light intensity, dazzling). The mechanics can thus correct the headlamps settings directly while taking the measures.

The Control mode gives the opportunity to conduct the full beam diagnosis beam’s inclination, light intensity, dazzling) through different steps and deliver a control ticket thanks to the mini printer integrated into the Régloscope’s case.
This printed control ticket meant to be handle to the car owner is the proof the control has been correctly made and a clear indication that the vehicle would pass or fail the car service control. The Régloscope™ settings allows to personalise the ticket header with the Worshop’s address for instance and type in the car licence number that would be displayed on the top of the ticket as well.

The Régloscope™ is the perfect tool for workshops and car service providers: easy to position, simple and fast to use for a complete accurate diagnosis of headlamps.