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Radiator caps

Radiator Caps are designed to seal the top of the radiator filler neck to prevent coolant loss, pressurise the cooling system and raise the boiling point of the coolant. They are manufactured with a metal or plastic design depending on the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications.

With strong expertise in Engine Management Systems, Valeo provides the aftermarket with the best possible solutions: a smart radiator range and the perfect matching accessories:

  • Radiator caps
  • Blanking and hose plug
  • Threaded radiator cap
  • Level sensor blanking plug


Choose Valeo:

your Engine Cooling Systems:

  • Valeo proposes one of the widest product ranges for the aftermarket and continues to develop while increasing its car range coverage.
  • Valeo proposes a complete accessories range.
  • The Valeo blanking and hose plugs range is continuously expanding
  • Performant and tested materials
  • Integration with other products of the Cooling Management Loop
  • Traceability and smart packaging


Valeo Info:

Overpressure in a radiator can be quite harmful. The radiator cap, which is spring loaded, rises to release the excess pressure.

A damaged radiator cap causes the car to overheat frequently.

  • Maintain proper coolant levels and check level monthly.
  • Never attempt to remove a radiator cap while the engine is hot or running.
  • Replace coolant with a mixture of antifreeze and water according to the vehicle manufacturer's recommendations
  • Check engine belts for cracks or missing sections, check belt tension
  • Evaluate radiator and radiator cap for leaks, corrosion, worn cap gasket
  • Examine hoses approximately every 12 months. Look for leaks, cracks or rot.
  • Replace when showing signs of wear.
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