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Valeo SmartPACK™: a competitive product with optimised content

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Valeo SmartPACK™

Valeo SmartPACK™

  • Uncompromising on safety with high-quality friction material
  • Smart, optimised accessories included in the box
  • A small, efficient range of 18 references, focused on the most popular European calipers
  • The Valeo SmartPACK™ is made in Europe and surpasses ECE R90 certification
  • Its flying views on TecDoc display key product information at a glance


Steel back plate

  • Identification and traceability
  • Perfect fitting with the caliper

Mechanical retention system

  • Metal net system avoids shearing, whatever the operating & heat conditions

Adhesive layer

  • Ensures a strong bond with the friction material on the back plate

Insulation underlay

  • Ensures high thermal efficiency and heat dissipation

Friction material

  • High-quality friction material delivers reliable, consistent brake performance

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Valeo SmartPACK™

Added Value

Valeo has launched the SmartPACK™ brake pad range for commercial vehicles in 2018 to:

  • meet every customer’s requirements,
  • improve garages’ day-to-day servicing operations.

Valeo’s brake pads are delivered in premium five-layer cardboard to ensure safe transportation and handling. We are the only premium brand on the market to offer pads which are sealed in thermo-shaped plastic, ensuring:

  • excellent storage conditions to prevent damage,
  • safe working conditions for warehouse workers and mechanics.


Top References

882400 KNORR SB7
882404 B Atego/MAN M200 TGM
882428 DAF LF55/SAF Wabco Pan 19-1
882450 SAF SAUER Wabco Pan 22-1
882478 Renault Midlum D Series Volvo FLII FLIII
882479 MAN TGS TGX
882485 Scania 4 Series PGRT

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