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Valeo Headlamps Lighting Systems for Bus and Coach

Apart from being part of the design, signaling products allow you to communicate with other drivers.


As a constant innovator in design and safety, Valeo has also developed products which consume less power in order to help decrease CO2 emissions. The focus here is on the use of L.E.D.s for signaling functions. The fast response time of L.E.D.s reduces the braking distance of the following driver by 5m at 90km/h speed.


Rearlighting with L.E.D.s also helps to save 0.5g CO2/km compared to Tungsten bulbs. Valeo provides over 500 rearlamp references and around 200 frontlamp references for the independent aftermarket.


Automotive bulbs are still the most frequently used light sources for rearlamps and frontlamps, but penetration with L.E.D. technology is even stronger for signaling products than it is for headlamps.

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