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Airflow Sensors - How They Work and What the Differences Are

This small sensor can cause big problems if it isn’t functioning properly.

How Do Engine Airflow Sensors Work?

Discover Their Role in Maintaining Engine Air/Fuel Mixture

Experiencing issues like lack of power, high fuel consumption, or even black smoke? These problems might be caused by a faulty mass air flow sensor (commonly shortedned to MAF sensor). So how do a MAF sensor work and what are the differences between sensor types? In this 30-minute free webinar, you will learn about the primary types of mass air flow sensors, how they function, and how to troubleshoot common issues with these parts.

Engine Management Systems

Discover the electronic management architecture for internal combustion vehicles. We’ll present the basic principles of engine management systems and what kinds of sensors deliver info to the ECU. You’ll learn about the different information the ECU processes and how it can differ between petrol and diesel vehicles. We’ll explain why these calculations are critical for the engine’s proper functioning.

Air/Fuel Mixture and Air Density

The ECU plays a key role in the optimisation of the air/fuel mixture. We’ll explore why air/fuel mixture is important and how it affects things like fuel economy. We’ll also explain what air density is with an easy-to-understand diagram. You’ll learn why air density is critical information for the ECU to calculate and adjust the air/fuel mixture properly. You’ll discover how low and high air pressure affect engine performance differently.

Airflow Sensors

This webinar will focus on Air flow sensors since they are critical components for ensuring a vehicle is running efficiently and reliably. We will explore two sensors in-depth, the air mass flow sensor and the manifold pressure sensor. You’ll learn about the different design types of air mass flow sensors and which are today’s common designs. We’ll explain how the hot wire-type and hot film-type air mass flow sensors work. We’ll also take a look at the manifold pressure sensor, how it works, and what parts it is made of. We’ll show you technical diagrams of these sensors and give explanations of the components.

Troubleshooting Airflow Sensors

You’ll learn how to troubleshoot and diagnose common issues with air mass flow and manifold pressure sensors. We’ll explore faulty MAF sensor symptoms and the common causes of these issues. Since most modern vehicles are compatible with OBD systems, we’ll provide the fault descriptions for common air flow sensor-related fault codes. We’ll also decrypt these fault descriptions by explaining the mechanical problems that cause them. You’ll discover which parts to check first since they’re the most commonly damaged. We’ll tell you the surprising way the engine can sometimes keep functioning despite a faulty MAF sensor.

Valeo Sensors

If you're looking for a car part, Valeo probably makes it. Valeo produces a wide variety of car parts, including intake air temperature sensors, air temperature sensors, and more. Go to the Tech@ssist part finder portal to search for a specific part by model, part number, or VIN. You can also find other webinars, including video repair guides, technology overviews, and troubleshooting guides.

What You Will Learn in Our Webinar

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How a car HVAC system works
  • The components of a car A/C compressor
  • Common failure points in HVAC systems and A/C compressors



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