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48v Mild Hybrid Systems

Increasingly strict emissions regulations are driving the need for innovative technologies to bridge the gap between traditional Internal Combustion Engines and Electric Vehicles.

What is a 48v Mild Hybrid System?

Discover Everything You Need to Know about This New Technology

Valeo is the leading provider of 48 volt systems worldwide. This transitional technology is a key element in the transition to EVs. In this 27-minute free webinar, you will get a brief overview of this important technology and how it relates to similar innovations. We’ll explain its appeal to manufacturers and why it is becoming more prevalent.

Characteristics of Mild Hybrid Systems

So what is a 48v mild hybrid system? It’s a technology that permits significant improvements in fuel economy while being easier to implement in an existing vehicle design than a full hybrid system. However, it does have some limitations compared to other systems. This webinar will delve into the differences between mild hybrid vehicles (MHV), hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) and plug-In hybrid vehicles (PHEVs.)


You might be surprised to learn that 48 volt systems still require a 12 volt battery. At the same time, they no longer require an alternator for startup. We will look at the role of the DC to DC converter in instant conversion of 48 volts to 12 volts and how the 12 volt and 48 volt systems work together. We’ll also explain the primary components of a 48v hybrid system and where they are generally located.


Benefits of Mild Hybrid Systems

Several benefits of the MHV system have convinced major automakers to adopt it. One major benefit is the low cost required to improve fuel economy significantly. So how exactly does a 48v mild hybrid system affect existing engine designs? Does it require major changes to existing platforms? Our webinar will give you the surprising answer. We’ll also explain other benefits like the safety of lower-voltage batteries compared to higher-voltage systems.


Related Technologies

This webinar will also explain how technologies like the Stop-Start system and iBSG work alongside the 48-volt system. At first glance, it may look like an alternator, but it’s an entirely different technology with much more potential. We’ll also introduce other new technologies related to the 48 volt system.


You’ll discover Valeo’s electric turbocharger, which provides the benefits of a turbocharger without lag. We’ll explain its fuel economy and torque benefits, and answer questions like can it work alongside a traditional turbo?


The eRAD is a compact electric motor enabling RWD and improving power. It’s not directly connected to the motor, so how does it work? Watch the webinar to find out!

What You Will Learn in Our Webinar

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • What E10 is actually made of 
  • How to find out if your car is E10 compatible
  • What to do if your car isn’t compatible with E10

You’ll also learn how E10 can corrode non-compatible vehicle engines and how to handle misfueling a non-compatible car with E10.

Afterwards, you will find downloadable materials about the new fuel called E10, including Frequently Asked Questions and a list of compatible manufacturers. There is also a link to the government website to search if your specific model of vehicle is compatible with E10.


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