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Gamme d’embrayages pour automobile

Gamme d’embrayages pour automobile

Traditional Clutch Kits for cars - the right product at the right price !

2716 clutch kit products and 49 products in the classic clutch kits.

Optimum coverage for all your needs!

497 K2P

1139 K3P (w/ mechanical bearing)

168 K3P + CSC (w/ hydraulic bearing)


Valeo Original Equipment (O.E.) quality manufacturer since 1923

  • One of the leading O.E. suppliers of transmission systems: 1 in 3 vehicles are equipped with Valeo clutches
  • Valeo is a major O.E. and O.E.S. (Original Equipment Supplier) partner of most car manufacturers for kits, hydraulics and dual mass flywheels
  • Valeo has O.E. plants in France, Korea, Spain, Italy and Turkey manufacturing all clutch components
  • We have more than 90 years of experience in engineering and producing friction material 
  • Valeo’s facings offer superior performance compared to facings with lead (20% less dense for a better gear switch)


Traditional kits with CSC: a customised offering to meet your garage’s requirements!

  • Easy to order: parts come in one box; no risk of mismatching components
  • Easy to fit: all the high-quality O.E. parts required for fitting are provided
  • Value for money: our all-in-one solution offers better value for money than individual components


Why choose Valeo innovation and technology?

  • Valeo offers premium and classic product ranges to meet all your garage’s requirements.
  • Valeo uses the best technologies (including S.A.T. & H.E.C. technologies) and materials for a smooth, high-performance experience.
  • We share our technical expertise with aftermarket customers by offering fitting instructions (included in the box), training and technical assistance.

*Valeo high-quality friction material
**Durability and lifetime are also impacted by the vehicle and driving conditions

Espace Technique

Self-Adjusting Technology

The O.E. solution which uses self-adjusting wear compensation on the pressure plate to maintain a constant pedal effort throughout the clutch’s lifetime

→ 34 products

High-Efficiency Clutch

Comfortable and Easy to Fit:

  • Constant and optimum pedal effort during the entire clutch life thanks to Valeo high quality friction material with very low wear.
  • Valeo HEC is installed just like a standard clutch and does not require any additional tooling or training.

Reliable with Improved Clutch Life:

  • Simple and robust design, no complex and sensitive components.
  • Valeo high quality and very low wear friction technology increases clutch life under normal driving conditions

Reduced Fitting Times:

  • The HEC is fitted just like conventional clutches. No additional operations and checks required.
Valeo Clutch Technologies - Top products

Top products


SAT Clutch Technology

828118 - (PSA – 3008, C4)
826865 - (FCA – Fiat Bravo, Alfa Romeo Mito)


HEC Technology

834086 - (VOLKSWAGEN – Audi, Seat, Skoda, Golf)
834161 - (FORD – Focus, C-Max, Kuga)


Traditional clutch kit + CSC

834276 - (RENAULT – Clio, Kango, Megane)
834421 - (OPEL – Astra, Corsa)


Valeo Classic Clutch

786022 - (PSA – 206, 306, Saxo)
786019 - (RENAULT – Clio, Kango, Megane)

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