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Valeo Service’s Offices in Saint-Denis Undergo Major Renovation

Valeo Service’s Offices in Saint-Denis Undergo Major Renovation
The time had come to renovate the Headquarters of Valeo Service in Saint-Denis, France. On May 30th 2024, the refurbishment of Valeo Service’s Saint-Denis offices was inaugurated with great celebration.


A Reason To Celebrate

With Christophe Périllat (Valeo Group CEO) and Eric Schuler (Valeo Service Activity CEO) in attendance, along with more than two hundred employees, Valeo Service was reminded just how important it is to the Valeo Group.


Time for an Upgrade

As with other Valeo premises in and around Paris, the time had come to refurbish the Saint-Denis offices in Campus Pleyad – a site which has been a part of Valeo’s operation since 2008.


Many Teams, One Location

Located on the northern outskirts of Paris, near the historic birthplace of the Valeo Group (founded in 1923 in Saint-Ouen), Valeo Service Saint-Denis covers 4,000 m² and accommodates 310 employees. Various Valeo Aftermarket teams and support functions are based there.


What’s more, the site hosts Valeo Service's Technical Center, which will soon be welcoming garage employees for face-to-face training as part of the Tech Academy program.


A Collaborative Effort

Eric Schuler felt it incredibly important to listen to employees’ expectations and needs., Each department therefore had the opportunity to express suggestions to an ambassador working in the core team of the “Pleyel Garden” project.


Eric Schuler said: "We have traveled an incredible path to achieve this remarkable result. It is the voice of the employees that has enabled us to reach this very successful outcome: more spaces for socializing and co-working, more vegetation. In short, more pleasant premises for more interactions and even greater efficiency. I would especially like to thank all the ambassadors of this project."


New Spaces

The floor plans were designed to optimize collaboration between departments that often work together, and new spaces created for today’s working methods.


This means spaces that are more comfortable, quieter, more intimate, and more visually pleasing. There are new spaces for both discreet formal and informal conversations, as well as for hybrid meetings, which did not exist before.


Godefroy Cappoen, General Manager, South West Europe Sub-Region, comments “What a difference compared to the former large open spaces we had. The new layouts are more functional with varied spaces.The soundproof partitions also allow us to work more serenely. Relaxation areas also help to maximize exchanges. For well-being, it's definitely a plus.”


Sustainable Building Practices

All of the work on the Pleyel Garden project was done with a sustainable approach in mind. Neon lights were replaced by LED lights, bathrooms renovated to minimize water consumption and IT systems upgraded. 


Disposable cups and glasses have been replaced by long-lasting reusable glasses which employees can clean themselves using the Auum technology of disinfection with dry steam heated to over 140°C. 


Other improvements include greening office spaces and providing standing desks to every single employee.


Ready for the Future

All in all, the stunning success of the Pleyel Garden Project means a better working environment for Valeo Service employees which, according to Min Zhu, General Manager of Valeo Service Smart Mobility, “inspire collaboration, creativity and well-being! Now we're going to make these spaces our own, creating memorable moments of collective success for the future.”