Brake lining range for commercial vehicles

Focus on the potential of the lining market!
Valeo’s linings deliver real durability to maximise vehicle uptime and optimise total cost of ownership. 

Our Offer

Valeo’s brake lining range

Every commercial vehicle braking system plays a crucial role.
Valeo provides customers all over the world with secure brake linings which offer great value and ensure excellent performance.


High-quality linings


  • Internal and external
  • Perfect contact with the drum surface
  • Delivers maximum performance
  • Improves operational efficiency


  • High-quality finish
  • Smoother contact with the drum
  • Prevents noise


  • Perfect fit on the caliper
  • Ideal size for the rivets


  • Grinded on the side
  • Shows the maximum wear
  • Improves safety

Technology / Innovation

Added values

High-quality friction material with great stopping power:

  • R90 certification (not mandatory for linings produced in Europe before November 2014),
  • for a wide range of applications - lorries, trailers and buses,
  • ensures safe operations with reliable braking performance.

Perfect drum compatibility for:

  • a perfect fit with the drum and the rivets,
  • efficient, smooth braking force from the first pedal stroke,
  • low noise when braking.

Great durability:

  • under a wide range of pressures,  
  • at varying temperatures - up to 400°C. 


TOP PRODUCT REFERENCES (of 224 references)

219032    WVA 19032 BPW
219036    WVA 19036 Dodge
219094    WVA 19094 BPW
219487    WVA 19487 MAN / MB
219574    WVA 19574 BPW
219932    WVA 19932 Scania
219938    WVA 19938 Volvo FH FM FL
127006    WVA 19935 Renault
219283    WVA 19283 SAF
127095    WVA 19496 Mercedes Benz


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