Valeo Air conditionning cleaners  Air Conditioning for Trucks

Air conditionning cleaners

Valeo ClimPur™ performs with triple action: it cleans, disinfects and protects. It does not damage A/C systems, prevents evaporator corrosion, eliminates bad odors and leaves a delicate lemon fragrance.


ClimPur™ is safe & friendly for A/C and for the workshop user. Completely non-flammable formula, rarely present on other similar products on the market: this is crucial for garage security.


Valeo ClimPur™ is not aggressive and moreover eliminates bacteria efficiently, guaranteeing you curative and long-lasting results. Neutral PH and conforms with the standard EN1040 for bactericide formulae. Mousses or heavy formulas may block the A/C system.


ClimPur™, unlike many products which are currently on the market, has a microscopic formula based on the ultrafine drops which maximizes correct product distribution and efficiency.

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