Valeo Dual Dry Clutch

Valeo Dual Dry Clutch

The new Valeo Dual Dry Clutch is designed to foster a unique driving experience and lower CO2 emissions. Feel the highly responsive gears shift, the smooth and powerful acceleration along with minimum NHV (noise, vibration and harshness).

Added values

Valeo launches the Dual Dry Clutch Transmission (DDC)

In 2020, Valeo is launching to the independent aftermarket its offer for Dual Dry Clutch Transmission. This new asset extends Valeo area of expertise on Transmission Systems making the aftermarket specialist a genuine “one stop shop” reliable supplier. The Valeo Dual Dry Clutch already apply, as original equipment (O.E.), to KIA and Hyundai models, enabling Valeo to hold a strategic position on a massively growing market. 


Outstanding responsiveness and driving comfort

The Valeo Dual Dry Clutch stands for outstanding performances embedded in O.E. technology. A great focus has been concentrated on some of the products key features. A smoothly continuous acceleration combined with a minimum loss of torque fostering powerful driving sensations, an electromechanically controlled gears change boosting the driving efficiency. The Valeo Dual Dry Clutch’s 7 gears actuators offers 15% faster gears change compared to previous generation of DDC from Hyundai-Kia, with 6 gear transmission. All these features together make the Valeo Dual Dry Clutch probably one of the best available on the aftermarket combining the comfort of an automatic transmission and the responsiveness of a manual transmission.


Valeo offers an environmental friendly Transmission Technology

CO2 emissions reduction is one of the major stakes at Valeo and has been at the center of the development of the Dual Dry Clutch. As result, Valeo DDC was designed to offer a continuous transmission of engine power, with minimum torque loss during gears change.
Moreover, gears disengagement operates without electrical power being controlled by the electromechanical actuator. All these innovations put together enhance smoothness, lower vibrations and resistance, ultimately reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions


Choose the Valeo Dual Dry Clutch, and benefit from a strong Technical Support

The new Valeo offer has been thought of in a smart way with a simple manual calibration procedure for better efficiency in the  workshop. In addition the offer comes with a complete technical support program, including fitting instructions, live trainings, webinars, interactive presentations and videos from the Valeo Tech @ssist free Online Technical web platform. 

This is a new major step in Valeo’s strategy for IAM, continuing the massive developments in Dual Mass Flywheels, clutch kits with hydraulic bearings (CSC) and hydraulic components for transmission. The Valeo Dual Dry Clutch offer includes the Dual Dry Clutch Kits, Dual Mass Flywheel (DMF), Actuators, Fitting tools and complete Technical Support Package.

  • Excellent acceleration performance through continuous power delivery with minimum loss of driving torque  
  • Best driving performance through precise electromechanically controlled gears change 
  • Smooth gears shift qualities and fuel economy through independent and precise control of the clutch actuator
  • Actuator 7 gears transmission offers 15% faster gear changing vs 6 gears transmission
  • CO2 and emission reduction

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