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Want to be a leader in Dual Mass Flywheels? Valeo Service has a solution for any DMF technology you need.

Valeo Dual Mass Flywheels
The rise of the dual mass flywheel has meant increased opportunities for workshops – but how do you cater to all of your customers’ needs easily? Introducing Valeo’s complete DMF range: Valeo FullPack DMF™, single DMF references, Valeo VBlade™ DMF and Valeo Kit4P™, which together provide coverage for the majority of the European IAM DMF market. Read on to learn how Valeo can help your workshop be a leader in dual mass flywheels.
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How to reduce truck fuel costs but maintain torque? Valeo’s TH Damper is the answer.

In the strive to reduce fuel consumption and carbon footprint, truck manufacturers have used engine down-speeding – having truck engines run at lower speeds – to achieve these goals. And down-speeding has worked. But, it has led to other challenges: how do you maintain torque? And how do you deal with the increased vibration and noise? Thankfully, Valeo’s breakthrough TH Damper solves both of these problems. Read on to learn more…
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