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Want to be a leader in Dual Mass Flywheels? Valeo Service has a solution for any DMF technology you need.

Dual Mass Flywheels
The rise of the dual mass flywheel has meant increased opportunities for workshops – but how do you cater to all of your customers’ needs easily? Introducing Valeo’s complete DMF range: Valeo FullPack DMF™, single DMF references, Valeo VBlade™ DMF and Valeo Kit4P™, which together provide coverage for the majority of the European IAM DMF market. Read on to learn how Valeo can help your workshop be a leader in dual mass flywheels.


Valeo FullPack DMF™: the all-in-one DMF solution 

With more than 120 references for both hydraulic and mechanical bearings, Valeo FullPack DMF™ is the simplest way to order, stock and fit replacement DMFs. Each kit includes a dual mass flywheel plus the disc, cover, bearing (hydraulic or mechanical) and screws. Everything you need in a single box. Plus, they are simple to fit – there are no additional tools required.

Valeo individual DMF references: when you just need the part 

Need just the DMF? No problem. Valeo offers over 250 individual dual mass flywheels, covering the majority of the European market including the most popular vehicle applications such as Volkswagen Golf and Passat, Audi A3 and A4, Peugeot 308 and 3008, Renault Clio and Megane.


Valeo VBlade™ DMF: the next generation of DMFs 

Building on Valeo’s O.E. expertise comes the VBlade, a revolution in DMF technology. Instead of regular DMF springs, VBlade utilises the centrifugal force of two blades to provide greater durability and outstanding vibration absorption. The first part numbers of Valeo VBlade™ DMF are already available for Volkswagen LT 28-35, LT 28-46 applications.

Valeo Kit4P™: longest IAM expertise in Conversion Kits   

The Valeo Kit4P™ conversion kit is designed for vehicles with intense usage. It allows conversion from the dual mass flywheel to a rigid flywheel thanks to Valeo Long Travel Damper disc technology. Thanks to its excellent thermal transfer capacity, reliability and comfort Valeo Kit4P™ become also O.E. solution for popular vehicles. Valeo conversion kits are offering the highest level of quality in conversion kits market.

When equipped with Valeo High Efficiency Clutch technology, the Valeo Kit4P™ benefits from long-lasting friction material and a reinforced pressure plate to offer consistent driving comfort.

Whatever your DMF requirements, Valeo is your perfect DMF partner. For more information on the DMF range see Valeo’s dedicated transmission systems page now