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Valeo flywheel dual offer: fullpack DMF or Kit4P

For all types of vehicle usage, Valeo provides the right solution !




Valeo FullPack DMF™* : an OE Technology product offering a high level of product quality.

The Valeo FullPack DMF™ is the simplest way to order, stock and fit replacement DMFs. Each kit includes a dual mass flywheel plus the disc, cover, bearing (hydraulic or mechanical) and screws. Everything you need in a single box. Plus, they are simple to fit – there are no additional tools required.   


Valeo Kit4P™

The Valeo Kit4P™ conversion kit is designed for vehicles with intense usage. It allows conversion from the dual mass flywheel to a rigid flywheel thanks to Valeo Long Travel Damper disc technology. Thanks to its excellent thermal transfer capacity, reliability and comfort Valeo Kit4P™ become also O.E. solution for popular vehicles. Valeo conversion kits are offering the highest level of quality in conversion kits market.


All Valeo clutches are manufactured according to Valeo's highest quality standards, making Valeo products efficient and reliable and ensuring full customer satisfaction.


Make the smart choice and choose Valeo Expertise! 


*Dual Mass Flywheel