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Thinking ahead to contribute to environment protection

The Valeo Group's innovation strategy aims at reducing CO2 emissions and enabling autonomous driving.


In this way the challenge for Valeo Service Africa & Overseas has been to reconcile increasing market demand and the need to reduce its impact on the environment. 

As VSAO already contributes to reducing CO2 emissions through its direct deliveries offers, shortening distances and cutting packaging needs, Valeo goes further by supporting Reforest’Action’s projects in Madagascar, Morocco, Senegal and this year Isle of Reunion.

8 500 trees have been planted since 2017. For 2020 the aim is to increase this number and enlarge the countries of plantation. 

For Valeo Service Africa & Overseas, thinking ahead means understanding the fundamental trends of the market by creating the conditions for reasoned and shared growth in order to preserve the planet and give our customers quality solutions. A process participating to the idea of a sustainable economic development.


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