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Valeo VBLADE™ DMF awarded by European Aftermarket

An unquestionable recognition in Europe

October 12th 2018, Warsaw, Poland: Valeo VBLADE™ DMF receives “Product of the year”  award from a jury of automotive specialists, in a competition organized by autoEXPERT, a major B2B Polish magazine for automotIve workshops. In competition with 200 new spare parts technologies, launched in Polish independent aftermarket during last 12 months, the innovative Valeo VBLADE™  DMF won the main award in the Spare Parts category.

October 28th: France, Inotech show: during the Annual French aftermarket dedicated fair, Valeo’s innovation got the silver Award in the innovation category.


Valeo innovates for the market

The DMF Segment is composed of various technologies all very complex to master. As the transmission systems specialist Valeo keeps up with the market need but anticipates the technologies to come.

The Valeo VBLADE™  shows to be unique regarding its conception: the innovative technology includes 80 patents for design, components, mechanisms and technologies.

The market requirements for parts grow more and more demanding. To push durability and reliability to the extreme, Valeo VBLADE™  technology leverages the centrifugal force of two blades instead of the regular DMF springs whilst maintaining an efficient absorption of engine acyclisms.


Valeo VBLADE™ technology main characteristics:

  • Excellent reliability: Centrifugal force on blade is maintained by the cam follower rolling smoothly without friction

  • Excellent comfort: Valeo VBLADE™ DMF stiffness remain stable in all engine speed conditions

  • Immediate vehicle response thanks to an excellent torque transfer in all driving conditions: the blade shape permits bended action to absorb the coast and drive situation

  • Environmentally friendly:  as VBlade does not include grease and internal springs


This innovation in the Valeo DMF segment boosts our capacity to address various needs of our customers and reinforces our positions of Genuine transmission Systems  specialist.


The Transmission Systems Specialist

With 2 great Awards won, Valeo Transmission Systems demonstrates not only its strong capacity to innovate on the DMF segment but to deliver products that really fit the transformation and specific requirements of the automotive market.

  • KIT4P™ offer, the reliable and durable conversion kit, including Valeo Long Travel Damper (LTD) and High Efficiency Clutches (HEC)
  • Valeo FullPACK DMF™, The complete range offering all in one box Curved Spring DMF solutions,
  • Valeo L.T.D. DMFs , The DMF technology dedicated to highest torque applications
  • Valeo Pendulum DMFs, The DMF technology dedicated to better absorption of energy generated by rotational irregularities
  • And now the exclusive Valeo VBLADE™ DMF technology: A new start for constantly maximized durability and reliability.