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How to train workshop staff and keep yourself up-to-date too !

Being a mechanic these days is more challenging than ever.

Modern cars are relying more and more on digital technology, and they are increasingly specialized – almost no two cars are built the same way. Modern mechanics need brand-specific, up-to-date information to be effective repairers. This can be difficult to manage for workshop owners and busy mechanics.

Moreover, a COVID 19 effect was added to all these…

 – How do you keep yourself and your staff continually up-to-date? 

Luckily, there are solutions…



One of the biggest challenges for modern workshops is how to fit staff training into an already busy schedule. Every day spent training off-site is a day lost in the workshop. But, with constant technological advancements, and an increase in the use of brand-specific, digital technology by car manufacturers, it is becoming more and more important that mechanics are aware of the latest practices and procedures. 

Brand-specific training is becoming so important that different manufacturers are now conducting their own individually tailored training programs. Automotive companies even have their own dedicated training centres to ensure mechanics are well-trained to work on their cars. And these initiatives have worked - graduates from these training programs do learn how to deal with these brand-specific technologies. But what about broader technological improvements that are constantly disrupting the automotive industry? Improvements like autonomous driving and connected vehicles? How do you and your team stay up to date?


Valeo Service Webinar training: a simple solution

This is where Valeo Service Middle East steps in.

“We Care for You”is a new way of creating relations not only with our clients but also with the rest of the market. Valeo Service has very developed service area. Our number 1 goal: our customer satisfaction. We share this philosophy with all our customers: distributors, workshops and consumers.



As your “Digital Specialist”


Valeo Service is not only a major force in these new technologies, we are a major player in workshop trainings. They are delivered via up-to-date webinars and e-learning modules by technical trainers who have years of experience in the aftermarket. 

The online nature of the training means learning can happen at any time, whenever it suits you and your staff – evenings, weekends and workshop down time – saving precious workshop hours for what you do best.

Trust Valeo Service Middle East for all your training needs!