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Valeo innovations are reducing CO2 emissions

The pioneer and world number one in vehicle electrification, Valeo fits one in every three vehicles worldwide with electrical systems for reducing CO2 emissions.


From mild hybrid to high-power solutions, Valeo electrification technologies span the full spectrum of requirements across all vehicle segments, from small urban cars through to SUVs and premium sedans. These systems are compatible with both gasoline and diesel engines as well as manual and automatic transmissions. Valeo invented the Stop-Start system, which now equips millions of vehicles across the world. It also leads the field in mild hybridization, producing around 25 million 12 V systems per year.


Various Valeo products are now available in the aftermarket for the ever-growing number of electrified vehicles on the road. These solutions include the Valeo StARS and Valeo i-StARS starter-alternators and Valeo ReStart, a reinforced starter. Valeo is the only supplier to offer Stop-Start technologies for the aftermarket.


The first of these solutions comprises the Valeo StARS (first generation in 2004) and Valeo i-StARS (since 2011) starter-alternators. Valeo i-StARS optimizes Stop-Start technology by cutting the engine before the vehicle comes to a complete stop and restarting it immediately, silently and vibration-free. The second solution is the ReStart reinforced starter, which can restart in a variety of conditions including at very low temperatures.


Given that professionals needing to replace parts may feel apprehensive about new technologies, Valeo’s sales and technical teams provide training and personalized advice. Thorough understanding of products allows workshops to perform high value-added repairs.


Did you know?

One of Valeo’s overall objectives is to reduce the environmental impact of cars. Part of is this objective is expressed through its commitment to the circular economy. For example, Valeo refurbishes alternators that have already had a first life. One thousand two hundred different alternator products can be reconditioned in this way, representing coverage of more than 90% of cars on the road in Europe. Valeo’s range of remanufactured products is expected grow by an additional 10% over the coming months.