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The Valeo AquaBlade™ wiper technology reduces braking distance by four meters

Valeo AquaBlade™
Valeo’s new patented wiper technology, Valeo AquaBlade™ (integrated in the Valeo Silencio wiper range) delivers wiper fluid directly onto the windshield via the wiper blades, rather than via nozzles mounted on the hood.


The windshield is wiped instantly and uniformly, regardless of vehicle speed, allowing for constant and perfect visibility. Front-facing cameras, which are now more and more common on car windshields, also benefit from an improved field of vision.

As a result, according to a study including 7,500 tests carried out by the independent organization Fraunhofer IOSB in Karlsruhe, drivers in vehicles equipped with the Valeo AquaBlade™ react 315 milliseconds more quickly than drivers using traditional windshield wiper systems. That faster reaction time translates into a braking distance reduced by four meters in urban driving conditions at speeds of 50 km/h.


Did you know?

Valeo ranks number one worldwide in wiper systems. Valeo manufactures more than 350,000 wiper blades a day.