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New freewheel pulley catalog dedicated to ASEAN market

Valeo - Thailand - April 2019. Valeo, the no.1 worldwide O.E. leader in Electrical Systems launches a dedicated to ASEAN market a new catalog ”Freewheel Pulley” covering more than 1,800 vehicles models.


Valeo, a key player in the global electrical system market with 1 out of 3 cars in the world equipped with Valeo electrical machine, presents its new Freewheel Pulley catalog dedicated to ASEAN market. 


Highly focusing on its customers satisfaction in ASEAN, Valeo combines in one comprehensive, easy to navigate catalog the passenger cars applications for Japanese, Malaysian, European and Korean vehicules. 

The large range across 32 car maker brands coves on average 95% of ASEAN car park and includes 49 new to range references, in it the latest vehicles models of Hyundai, Kia, Mazda, Toyota or Mercedes.


This catalogue has been developed within Valeo “We Care for You” strategy in mind, balancing the comprehensiveness of Valeo freewheel pulley portfolio and accessibility of the information. 


Hence, the catalog includes various crossing approach (OES crosses, IAM competitor’s crosses, technical crosses) together with the detailed section of the images and dimensions. For the easy search of the freewheel pulley type the Valeo catalog offers a dedicated chapter with the technical specifications. Also, to facilitate further the workshops operations the step by step fitting instructions with colourful photos are included as well as an advice how to test the freewheel pulley.  


The catalog is based on 4 languages: Thai, Malay bahasa, Indonesia bahasa and English.  


Because Valeo, the Aftermarket Specialist, cares for each and every customer therefore is committed to meeting customers’ needs and delivering the most suitable support. Valeo freewheel pulley provides large product benefits:  ensurance of the highest quality - certified under various tests; long belt drive lifespan; more driving comfort; enhanced engine efficiency, fuel savings and CO2 emission reduction.


As the Electrical systems specialist Valeo is your reliable partner for: Alternators, Starters and Free wheel pulley. 


955816_FWP Catalogue 2019