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78 new O.E. references of starters and alternators added to the Valeo Service range

With an efficient Time-To-Market strategy, Valeo Service brings the latest O.E. innovations and technologies of starters and alternators to the independent aftermarket (IAM). 

Thanks to Valeo’s leading O.E. position in Electrical Systems, the new O.E. range covers a large diversity of applications for the latest vehicles on the road. 

On top, Valeo is the only I.A.M. supplier to propose both micro-hybrid technologies to the market, with reinforced starters (ReStart) & integrated starter-alternator reversible system (i-StArs). 

There are now 78 new O.E. references of new starters and alternators added in the Valeo Service range, which enlarge the catalogue to 755 part numbers.

As an example, the Valeo micro-hybrid range is extended by 12 references of which:

  • 8 ReStart reinforced starters covering the latest RENAULT Megane IV (2014) TOYOTA Aygo (2014), MERCEDES Vito (2014) and VOLVO XC60 (2014) applications.
  • 4 i-StArs starter-alternator covering the latest PEUGEOT Partner (2015) and the new AUDI Q7 hybrid (2015) applications.


Then, Valeo brings the most recent generation of conventional machines with:

  • 6 references of the TS (third generation) ultra-compact starter motor for TOYOTA Aygo (2014), FORD Focus III EcoBoost (2015) and FORD Transit (2015) applications.
  • 10 references of EG (efficient generation) efficiency alternators, winner of the 2015 Automotive News PACE AwardTM, for AUDI A4, A5, Q7 (2015) and MERCEDES E-Class (2015) applications.
  • 10 references of CG (fifth generation) ultra-quiet alternators (200A/250A) for the latest MERCEDES C-Class (2014), E-Class (2014) and Sprinter applications (2013) applications.


The Valeo new O.E. range extension keeps up with this pace as 18 new references will be launched during the first semester of 2017, of which 2 micro-hybrid solutions.

Every new reference is produced in a Valeo O.E. site and undergoes the most rigorous testings to ensure O.E. quality standards are respected. It guarantees an exact design, fitting accuracy and provides best-in-class reliability, durability and performance. 

Trust the electrical systems specialist for a complete range of new starters, alternators and micro-hybrid solutions to the IAM.

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