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2 million ASEAN vehicules now covered with only 2 Valeo Premium Quality compressor references !

Isuzu D- Max and Toyota Vigo - Valeo launches the Best - in - Class Premium quality compressors produced according to O.E. processes in Valeo factory, Thailand.


Pioneer in the development of the first A/C compressors more then 60 years ago, Valeo today is recognized as trusted O.E. expert taking the one of top worldwide leading position in Thermal Systems.


Quality - especially important for such a complex product as compressors is a key commitment of Valeo expertise. Weather the O.E. or Aftermarket program, Valeo compressors undergo rigorous test during the production: leaking, durability, noise, ensure the maximum level for driver comfort.


Valeo highly focuses on its customers absolute satisfaction. Targeting strong Air Conditioning portfolio development in ASEAN region  by delivering an irreproachable product quality, Valeo introduces to the market the compressors for the top 2 ASEAN vehicles:

  • Part 559608 for Isuzu D- Max 2002 - 2012; estimated car park ASEAN 900,000 vehicles
  • Part 559612 for Toyota Hilux Vigo 2005 - 2014; estimated car park ASEAN 1,200,000 vehicles


These Valeo compressors are produced according to O.E. processes in Valeo factory in Thailand.

The products have an optimized design: a high quality finish and a precise selection of all components, especially on the valves, bearings, pistons and clutch for a high reliability and enhanced performance alike O.E quality. They fit perfectly ensuring a long lasting fulfillment.

Valeo integrates in its offer for ASEAN markets the large compressors portfolio for Japanese applications (Nissan, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Suzuki, Honda,Toyota..) as well as for the European one (BMW, Mercedes, Volvo..). The universal and TM-series compressors are proposed too. Discover more about Valeo offer in our online catalogue (here link to our flipbook...

Valeo Air conditioning (ref : 955800) catalog flipbook

Thermal Catalogue_HD_File_Final_955800_300718



We care for workshops, here is a Valeo Tip

The compressor must be replaced after a crash, a breakdown or a leak. When replacing the compressor, a check and flush of the A/C loop, and a of change the receiver drier and the expansion valve is necessary.Never install a new compressor without rinsing the system. Never proceed to random oil leveling, always ensure the correct oil type and oil level.