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Wiper Systems

Valeo is a leading supplier of wipers to both the Independent aftermarket and the OE Spares market. Valeo maintains its lead through style and innovative technologies, originating from OE technology. Valeo has available a comprehensive range of front and rear wiper blades in a variety of of brands, that are designed to be attractive, efficient and easy to adapt to all vehicle types. Valeo closely collborates with vehicle manufacturers on future wiping technologies, some being aerodynamic, noiseless and blending flawlessly with the vehicles styling.


Valeo offers a choice of brands for passenger car and LCV wipers.


Valeos Silencio range is the UKs premium blade
and comprises of 150+ part numbers and incorporates all of the technology available at OE including spoilers, curved blades, BBI rear blades, blades equipped with a spray bar and Flat Blades.Each Silencio wiper is produced on the same production line as Original Equipment products and are manufactured to Original Equipment quality standards.

Silencio Conventional Wipers:
Silencio conventional wipers have all the technology available at Original Equipment including spoilers, curved blades and blades equipped with a spray bar.

Silencio wipers also benefit from the following features:
- A pre-mounted adaptor for fast and simple fitting.
- An exclusive coating that protects the rubber and provides efficient and quieter wiping for longer.
- A wear indicator a vital diagnostic tool improving motoring comfort by allowing the driver to assess the wear of their wipers.

Before fitting, remove the tab.
The indicator gradually changes from black to yellow. When its bright yellow replace the blade.

The Silencio range of conventional wipers comprises of 74 part numbers:

- 15 universal (includes 1 universal set)
- 5 refills
- 43 performance singles (includes 19 specific rear and 8 specific spoiler references)
- 17 performance sets

Flat Blades are now the standard at OE Silencio X.TRM is OE FlatBlade technology.

The Silencio X.TRM range consists of 103 references, including 12 rear Flat Blades.

Flat Blades are a true breakthrough in wiper blade technology and were developed in response to the evolution of the shape of the vehicle / windscreen and driver's comfort.

Silencio X.TRM FlatBlades offer the following features and benefits:
- Over 1,000 pressure points across the length of the blade provides constant pressure along the blade
- Noise reduction compared to standard wipers
- Integrated spoiler across the length of the blade less lift at high speeds
- Improved winter resistance the blade will not freeze to the windscreen
- Reduced blade dimensions improve visibility and therefore safety
- Simple and fast assembly

Silencio X.TRM Aftermarket:
Flat Blade technology for everyone.
SilencioX.TRM Aftermarket allows vehicles currently fitted with conventional wiper blades to upgrade to Flat Bladetechnology.Each blade is equipped with a wear indicator and are simple and fast to fit via a user friendly lock/unlock blade attachment.


SWF is a German Specialist range and comprises of 85 conventional wiper blades and 34 FlatBlades (27 front sets and 7 rear singles). SWF conventional wipers have a 100% metal structure offering the resistance of a full steel structure with anti-corrosion performance.

SWF benefits from OE technologies including:
- Curved blades
- OE plastic spoilers
- BBI: OE specific rear wiper with no adaptor for quick and easy fitting.

Each SWF wiper benefits from a wear indicator and Duotech+ rubber for an extremely silent wipe, superior wiping at all temperatures and superior durability for improved blade life.


The recently updated Compact range now consists of 3 sub-brands:

1) Compact a range of conventional wiper blades
2) Compact Evolution a range of FlatBlades designed for vehicles originally equipped with FlatBlades
3) Compact Revolution a range of FlatBlades designed to replace conventional wiper blades

Compact Standard:
36 part numbers covering 85% of UK accessible car parc
Compact standard wiper blades are all supplied as a complete front set, includes pre-fitted adaptors and recently updated packaging.

Compact Evolution:
Compact Evolution is a value for money FlatBlade that is visually different from the OE Flat Blade: thinner blade & no end caps but with all the performance of an OE Flat Blade.

- Flat Blade next generation OE derivated
- 17 references X1 for flexibility, with lengths from 350mm to 700mm
- one base and one module (5 main Flat Blade connectors) available to cover four main arm types
- Uni-Click
- 85% car park coverage

Compact Revolution:
Compact Revolution: FlatBlade technology for everyone
- A range of 9 references sold in singles
- Covers around 1,000 applications equipped with standard blades at OE
- Range covers 74% of accessible UK car parc
- Improved aerodynamics and aesthetics
- Integrated spoiler: less lift at high speed
- Improved driving comfort with less noise
- Better performance in winter: will not freeze to your windscreen.


Valeo also offer a range of wipers for trucks:

- SWF a range of 15 references


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