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teamValeo Brands

teamValeo: the new link between all our brands

>> A new way of winning

The brand is our name, our identity; it unites us. For these reasons, and for the added value it generates, it represents an asset for our groupone that is precious, rare, and fragile.

Brand names are assets because they are a mark of recognition and confidence for our customers.
Brands are assets when they are cherished, when they are given ambitions, visions, and challenges.

>> The team: shared rules and attitudes

We wanted to bring a new meaning to our brands, and make them into a winning team for Valeo Service.

A team with victory in its sights, in which every member respects the same rules and shares the same team spirit.

>> teamValeo: the foundation for a unified style

Our new brand images reflect this spirit.
We have naturally kept the teamValeo signature, which will underscore all logos apart from Valeos, as Valeo is still, more than ever, ourparent brand.

>> A team: shared rules and specific personalities

Our objective of continuity rather than change also involves giving greater strength, cohesion, and belonging to our products. Our new brand designs will gradually be applied across all our products and in our general communications.