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Logistics Services

Logistics services: speed, service, and quality

>> Logistics services

Valeo Service Export operates a modern, efficient distribution network and aims to constantly improve the speed and reliability of its delivery service.

We offer a whole range of logistics services adapted to customers structures and requirements : express delivery, air freight, cross-docking , personalized labeling, containers optimisation etc...

>> Protective, customized packaging

Valeo Service Export provides you with its know-how in the design and production of packaging for the trade and retail markets. Our packaging is specially designed to suit these different needs (reinforced packaging, treated pallets according to the ISPN15 standard, personalized labeling).

Retail packaging is designed to show the product off, in blister packs, and allow rapid identification thanks to clear labeling.


Teccom is a software allowing to organize exchanges of electronic information between automotive suppliers and distributors via internet.

Valeo Service Export offers today the possibility to his customers to place all their orders via Teccom and to make them so benefit from all its advantages.

Teccom features :

>> To place express orders
>> To place stock orders

>> Check in real time of the products availability
>> Consultation of general prices

>> To consult and handle the lists of information requests and orders

The advantages of Teccom :

>> Orders and information passed on real time (internet technology)> saving of time and increase of reliability

>> Tracking of the orders and information requests

>> Availability of the tool from 6:00 am till 10:00 pm

>> Allows to centralize orders of several suppliers on a single tool

>> Tomorrow 100 % of distributors connected to Teccom

>> Evolutionary tool on which Valeo continues to set up other various services

>> Transmission costs undertaken by the automotive suppliers

>> Easily installable and taken in fast hand of the software