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guideo is a camera module that permanently scans the road and supervises all 4 driving assistance functions.

More Safety...
> Reduces the risk of veering off the road due to low vigilance.
> Warns the driver to get back in lane thus avoiding potential impacts.
> Can be used to reconstruct the circumstances of a potential accident.

...and Comfort
> Peace of mind when driving.
> When stuck in traffic, you are automatically warned when the car in front moves on, so the cars behind will refrain from sounding their horn!
> Equip your vehicle with a genuinely innovative solution.

guideo's 4 fonctions:
> The Lane Alert function reduces the risk of leaving the road or having an accident, by warning you if you inadvertently cross a white line, for example in the event of drowsiness during a motorway journey.
> The Optilane function helps you to stay in lane, by warning you if you drift off line, when checking the navigation system, adjusting the radio, etc.
> The Video box function films the road in the event of sudden acceleration or deceleration that may be associated with an accident. The system can be used to view the exact circumstances of the event.
> The Beep&watch function informs you of any movement in front of your vehicle. This function is particularly useful in traffic jams or at traffic lights.

> All four functions are housed in the camera module, facing the road. The camera is positioned beneath the rear-view mirror in the cabin and does not interfere withthe driver's line of sight.
> The system starts automatically as soon as the vehicle starts and scans the road permanently, even in poor light (1 lux).
> Voice recordings guide the user through the initial settings and provide a number of messages on the 4 functions, to guide and assist the driver throughout the journey. Messages are available in several languages.
> In addition to the vocal messages, visual signs on the back of the camera module indicate which functions are active during the journey.

* The Lane alert function
> The Lane alert function uses an algorithm to detect when the vehicle crosses white road markings and immediately informs the driver with an audible alert or voice message. A warning is given as soon as the vehicle crosses the line, leaving the driver enough time to regain control of the vehicle.
> The anticipation threshold can be adjusted by programming the alert distance according to that selected by the driver.

* The Optilane function
> The Optilane function uses an algorithm to spot any vehicle drift in relation to the road markings and immediately informs the driver, who can then correct the trajectory accordingly. The driver
is informed as soon as the vehicle drifts to the left or the right for more than 5 seconds.
> The Lane Alert and Optilane functions are deactivated when the driver uses the indicators.
> The system comes on when the vehicle reaches a minimum speed set by the driver. The systemis compatible with white and yellow road markings.

* The Video box function
> The Video box function films 20-second video sequences in the event of sudden acceleration or deceleration. The system can record up to 30 videos, each new one replacing the oldest. The system films the moments immediately before and after an impact.
> The videos can then be transfered to a PC via a USB connection, to be viewed or sent.
> The Video Box system can also be switched on manually by the driver at any time, independently of sudden changes in vehicle acceleration.

* The Beep&watch function
> The Beep&watch function, uses a change in images to identify movement in front of the vehicle, and informs the driver when the car in front has moved off. The system comes on after the vehicle has been at a standstill for 3 seconds.

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Valeo part number: 632040
Estimated installation time: 1 hour.
It is recommended that installation is carried out by an approved professional auto-technician.