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Climate Control

Valeo offers the customer a set of innovative products and services in support of air-conditioning repair and maintenance.

Valeo key benefits:

>> a wide range of 14 product lines covering the complete air-conditioning circuit,

>> a range of innovative diagnostic tools: Airtest, Climtest 2 and Clim On Line, which help with the diagnostic and maintenance of the air-conditioning system, bringing time savings and productivity gains to the repairer,

>> a CD-Rom on the maintenance of the air-conditioning circuit, with assembly sheets and maintenance advice for each make of vehicle,

>> technical training on diagnostics, maintenance and repair methods,

>> a comprehensive range of sales materials (catalogues, promotional campaigns, POS, posters, etc.),

>> the Valeo Clim Service network, with 1,600 partner members trained and equipped for effective action on the air-conditioning systems of all vehicle makes (