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New Valeo Post-Equipment Range

New Valeo Post-Equipment Range

Innovation accessible to all

'Our ambition is to innovate for the well-being and comfort of all. More than ever before, valeo is comitted to creating a better automotive world. Thierry Morin - Valeo Chairman.

Valeo is strengthening its range of Post-Equipment Accessories to enable everyone to benefit from leading-edge technologies on their own vehicle. As a true creator of automotive solutions, Valeo puts innovation at the very heart of its Aftermarket development strategy.

Our Post-Equipment range was launched two years ago with the beep&park rear detection system, (voted Product of the Year in France in 2007, by a panel of 22,000 consumers) and Its success with motorists continues to grow. Today, this range is being significantly extended with the release of 6 brand new products, responding to the daily needs of the motorist.

High-tech accessories now represent a real source of added value for vehicles, enabling drivers to enjoy greater safety, comfort and pleasure at the wheel.

Safety: noun 'peace of mind founded in trust and the sensation of protection'. As accidents are often caused by human error, our driving assistance products inform and warn motorists to correct driving errors and poor perception, helping to avoid risky situations (although not a substitute for driver vigilance).

Comfort: noun 'that which constitutes a feeling of well-being' Ease-of-use, functionality and efficiency are built into the design of every one of our products, enabling drivers to be more comfortable and relaxed at the wheel.

Driving pleasure: noun 'a pleasant feeling' The combined benefits of Safety and Comfort provide the driver with a more enjoyable driving experience.

Every one of our solutions enhances quality of life at the wheel, by reducing the drivers stress levels, caused by the constraints of everyday driving.

Your very own co-pilot!

guideo is a camera module that permanently scans the road and supervises all 4 driving assistance functions:

The Lane Alert function reduces the risk of leaving the road or having an accident, with a warning if you inadvertently cross a white line, for example in the event of drowsiness during a motorway journey.

The Optilane function helps you to stay in lane, by warning you if you drift off line, when checking the navigation system, adjusting the radio, etc.

The Video box function films the road in the event of sudden acceleration or deceleration that may be associated with an accident. The system can be used to view the exact circumstances of the event.

The Beep&watch function informs you of any movement in front of your vehicle. This function is particularly useful in traffic jams or at traffic lights.

guideo won the Silver Award for Automotive Innovation in the 'Aftermarket and Post-equipment category' at Equip Auto 2007.

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beep&park/keeper: Your vehicle's guardian angel!

beep&park/keeper is a front and rear parking assistance system with an anti-bump alert to protect your vehicle against the all too often clumsy parking manoeuvres of other motorists in a hurry.

When parking, the sensors detect all obstacles at the front and rear of the vehicle and indicate their distance from the bumper. The system features audible and visual warnings.

You can leave your parked vehicle without worry, thanks to the anti-bump functionality. The system detects vehicles that come too close to your car and gives off visual and audible signals to encourage drivers to pay extra attention when manoeuvring. The warnings give the impression that the owner of the parked vehicle is nearby and has opened the vehicle using a remote control.

- Reduces risks of collision and associated high repair costs.
- Prevents impacts, material damages and injury.
- Protects your vehicle from other vehicles coming too close, thanks to a very effective deterrent.

- Quicker and easier parking manoeuvres.
- Peace of mind: you can leave your vehicle without worrying, the system looks after your car while you are away.
- Equips your vehicle with a totally innovative solution.

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beep&park/vision: Park at a glance!

beep&park/vision offers a double combination to makes your parking manoeuvres much easier.
The 4 reverse parking sensors detect obstacles at the rear of the vehicle and guide you through the reversing manoeuvre by indicating the presence and distance of obstacles, even if they are not visible.
The dash-mounted screen provides images of the zone immediately behind the car.

All obstacles are detected and displayed on the screen, facilitating the parking manoeuvre.

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park/vision: Don't take chances!

park/vision is a parking assistance system comprising a rear camera that projects images of the area behind the vehicle onto a colour screen in the cabin.

park/vision may be installed:
- If your vehicle is already fitted with a rear detection system and you wish to add the camera function for greater comfort and safety when manoeuvring.
- If you cannot install a rear detection system on your vehicle (for example some 4WD models), as park/vision can be installed on all types of vehicle.
- If you only need an image function, and not an installation of a full rear detection system, choose park/vision!

speed/visio: Keep your eyes on the road!

speed/visio displays the vehicle's speed directly on the windscreen in the driver's line of sight and sends out an alert when the vehicle exceeds the programmed speed.

Every time you check the vehicle speedometer, you need to take your eyes off the road for a few seconds.

If an obstacle (vehicle, pedestrian, animal) appears in the vehicle's path during these few seconds, reaction time is reduced, which can be very dangerous especially at high speeds.

A few seconds of inattention are sometimes enough to inadvertently drift off line.

The system also helps you to stay within the speed limit by informing you whenever you exceed the pre-programmed speed.

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light/on&off: A bright idea!

light/on&off is an automatic lighting system that switches on the headlights as soon as the light becomes poor and switches them off again when sufficient light is restored.

Motorists encounter reduced light in many everyday motoring situations: tunnels, underground car-parks, sudden changes in the weather (storms, fog), nightfall

In these conditions, visibility can be reduced without the driver noticing. Poor visibility is a real danger for motorists and for other road users:
- risk of hitting another vehicle, a pedestrian or an obstacle,
- risk of being hit by another vehicle that did not see you.

By automatically controlling the vehicle's head and tail lamps, light/on&off helps to reduce the dangers caused by poor perception by the driver due to light conditions.

Moreover, forgetting to switch on the lights when entering a tunnel or by night is an offence in certain countries.

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