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Marchal is now the leader on the market for technical automotive parts sold in hypermarkets and supermarkets. Its range includes wiper blades, brake pads and fluids, plugs, and now Oxygen cabin filters. The Marchal range is aimed at the general public. The packaging is attractive and designed to facilitate the identification of products for each vehicle type. Product information is easy to understand and quick to read.

The range of Marchal wiper blades covers 98% of European vehicles, including the latest launches.

Marchal blades feature the Easy-Clic system for fast, simple fitting.

With a blade in high-performance rubber, incorporating a new rubber formula, Marchal offers a flexible range composed of:

-13 specific two-blade packs for one vehicle application,
- five blister packs of two blades for the most common vehicles,
-15 blister packs of one blade for optimal coverage.