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Cibi is the Groups sports brand, covering competition and customization products. With a hundred years supplying parts for rally and racing cars behind it, the brand has built up a strong reputation. Over time, Cibi has incorporated the latest technological innovations. Today, the famous Oscar headlamps feature Xenon technology. The offer has expanded with a full range of high-performance headlamps for vehicle customization (clear lens kits, colored headlamps, etc).

Cibi rally and racing headlamps:
For distributors and mechanics specializing in competitions and four-wheel drives, Cibi offers a full range of complementary headlamps. These are specifically designed for extreme conditions such as rallies and races.

They offer a number of advantages:

- resistance to the most extreme conditions
- safer night driving,
- high performance,
- style.

Cibis Oscar headlamps have always been used on competition cars by most stables, and often on winning vehicles.

Today, the Cibi Oscar benefits from Xenon (or HID) technology, which provides optimal lighting conditions and good night vision. Halogen bulb technology has been replaced by a cutting-edge HID system that reduces electricity consumption by up to 40%..

Delivered with its power ballast, the HID Oscar is available in a driving beam version (giving priority to beam length) and a cornering beam version (giving priority to beam width).

A new range of kits for customizing enthusiasts:
Cibi offers a new series of headlamp and rear lamp kits which give vehicles an up-to-date, modern look. The headlamp upgrade kits replace the old grooved lens lamps with clear lens lamps featuring HID technology, enhancing both lighting performance and the look of the vehicle. The colored kits give vehicles a more sporty appearance.

Cibi Upgrade and Colored kits contain:

- two customizing headlamps and rear lamps,
- fitted bulbs,
- wiring kits (where applicable).

The headlamps are individually packaged to guarantee their protection. These are then packed together in a Cibi box along with fitting accessories.