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beep&park / vision

beep&park/vision is a rear parking detection system with sensors, coupled with a rear-view camera to provide drivers with audible and visual information when reversing.

More Safety...
> Reduces risks of collision and associated high repair costs.
> Limits the risk of accidents with pedestrians when reversing or leaving a parking space.
> Offers a double visual and audible control, for the area immediately behind the vehicle.

...and Comfort
> Greater peace of mind.
> Quicker and easier parking manoeuvres.
> No need to turn head when parking.

beep&park/vision offers a double combination to makes your parking manoeuvres much easier.
> The 4 reverse parking sensors detect obstacles at the rear of the vehicle and guide you through the reversing manoeuvre by indicating the presence and distance of obstacles, even if they are not visible.
> The dash-mounted screen provides images of the zone immediately behind the car.
> All obstacles are detected and displayed on the screen, facilitating the parking manoeuvre.

Parking assistance
> As soon as the reverse gear is selected, the ultrasonic sensors start detecting obstacles at the rear of the vehicle.
> All detected obstacles behind the vehicle are announced by a sound that gradually intensifies as the obstacle approaches, becoming continuous within 30 cm.
> The distance and position of obstacles are shown on the LCD dash-mounted screen.

Wide-angle rear camera
> The wide-angle camera mounted near the rear bumper is activated as soon as reverse
gear is engaged.
> In addition to the distance of obstacles, colour images are displayed on the LCD screen, giving a clear and complete view of the area behind the vehicle.
> The system works even in poor light (< 2 lux)
> If the camera is damaged, replacements are available as a spare part (part number 632061).

Click here to get more information (pdf)

Valeo part number: 632060
Estimated installation time: 3 hours 30 minutes.
It is recommended that installation is carried out by an approved professional auto-technician.