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Valeo Clim Service

Valeo Clim Service

Created in France in 1998, this network of professional partners enables drivers to locate their nearest specialist air conditioning engineer.

>> The main objective is to offer a range of air conditioning services to help distributors and mechanics sell their services on this new market.

>> Resources: a concept covering four programsproducts, tools, training, and communicationbased on a simplified partnership contract.

- Each Valeo Clim Service partner is given unique thermodynamic diagnostic tools and can, in just a few minutes, undertake a complete analysis of your AC system.

- Engineers are given yearly training to keep them up to date with developments in air conditioning, to enable them to respond rapidly for all vehicles, including recent models.

- Valeo Clim Service partners diagnose and repair all vehicle makes and models.

Valeo Clim Service: key figures

>> the leading European network of air conditioning specialists
>> 1,700 partners in Europe
>> nine European countries

When you choose the Valeo Clim Service network, you choose trustworthy diagnosis, quality products, and a professional service.