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light/on&off is an automatic lighting system that switches on the headlights as soon as the light becomes poor and switches them off again when sufficient light is restored.

More Safety...
> Ensures good mutual visibility: see and be seen.
> Offers clear visibility in all circumstances.
> Immediate reactivity: the lights come on as soon as the vehicle enters a tunnel.

... and Comfort
> Automatic light control for a more comfortable drive.The system takes care of your lighting.

light/on&off functions:
> Motorists encounter reduced light in many everyday motoring situations: tunnels, underground car-parks, sudden changes in the weather (storms, fog), nightfall
> In these conditions, visibility can be reduced without the driver noticing. Poor visibility is a real anger for motorists and for other road users:
>> risk of hitting another vehicle, a pedestrian or an obstacle,
>> risk of being hit by another vehicle that did not see you.
> By automatically controlling the vehicle's head and tail lamps, light/on&off helps to reduce the dangers caused by poor perception by the driver due to light conditions.
> Moreover, forgetting to switch on the lights when entering a tunnel or by night is an offence in certain countries.

Automatic and instantaneous
> An optical sensor, fitted on the windscreen inside the vehicle, permanently detects light levels.
> When the light drops to less than 1,000 lux, the electronic control unit activates the vehicle's low-beam and side lights automatically.
> When the light returns to 3,000 lux, the lights are automatically switched off in less than 20 seconds.
> The system can easily be switched off to return to manual mode using the on/off switch on the sensor.

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Valeo part number: 632030
Estimated installation time: 1 hour.
It is recommended that installation is carried out by an approved professional auto-technician.